Website: Expectations vs Reality

Having your own website in today’s digitally competitive business world is a #1 essential. After all, a website can not only give you an edge over your competitors but also offer a road full of new opportunities & consumers. However, when it comes to website design & development, people/business owners often tend to follow popular myths. As a result, they end up having a badly created website that’s nowhere close to what they envisioned.

To ensure you don’t fall in the same trap, we’ve created a quick list of the most common expectations associated with website development vs the reality.

Building a website is no rocket science, I can do it on my own!

Sure, building a website is not like coming up with another space invention, but it does involve the right blend of a number of things. From choosing the apt domain name, content management system and hosting provider to the right design, font, content and color schemes; there are multiple things to keep in mind. All of it can seem a little overwhelming and will actually take a LOT of your time to get things right.

Free tools make it easy

Thanks to free content management systems like WordPress or sites like WIX, website development appears as a breeze. There are thousands of free templates available on the internet which can get you started pretty swiftly, saving your cost.

But the reality behind those free tools and templates is that they offer a very little room for customization. In fact, some templates don’t even allow you to change the basics, such as colors or fonts, forget customizing the whole design. For a customized look and feel, you’re asked to upgrade or buy the premium versions of the theme and plugins which adds to the cost.

Good images/content can wait

Your website is your brand online. And a great brand cannot afford to have poor quality images or content. You must collate the relevant content that throws light on what your business offers along with optimized, high-resolution images BEFORE the site goes live. It will greatly impact the user experience. Keep the file size in check for fast loading. Refrain from using random images or content from the internet. Copyright infringement is real, you know!

Once the website is launched, I’m done

If you expect your job ends with the website launch, let us tell you that you’re wrong. Because similar to how vehicles need regular maintenance for optimal performance, websites also need periodic checks. It needs to be updated regularly to stay on top of the latest web standards, policies, trends, and advancements. Moreover, regular edits also impact the website’s search engine rank. It helps search engines determine that your website is very much active and relevant for the users.

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