10 Reasons to Improve Online Presence

“THINK BEFORE YOU ACT” is something that needs to be pondered upon.

The real question is how good or rather great organizations are when it comes to setting-up ‘think tanks’?

Behind every business is a progressive thought that actually streamlines and pushes the company to work in the right direction. Businesses need to seriously question their thoughts and ask themselves as to whether their thought process is really productive, optimistic, and profitable for the business to run smoothly.

In fact, there is a revolutionary change that has been witnessed in the global business scenario, when it comes to accepting the sheer power of the online world. This is simply because companies have altered their thinking process and have understood that online marketing is here to stay and eventually scale up the business activities of organizations constructively.

Online marketing has gained global acceptance and businesses regardless of size have embraced it. What online/web/digital marketing has done is that it has changed the dynamics of sales and marketing from the inside out.

Studies and research have clearly stated that digital marketing works and SMB’s (small and midsize businesses) are truly getting remarkable benefits out of it in terms of brand building and reaching out to customers. Not to mention, even large scale corporations are truly getting benefitted.


1. SEO is the king of online marketing: First things first, you might argue that “Content is king”, to which my answer is ‘no.’ Content acts as a soldier, which actually helps SEO to be the king. To put it simply, if you write SEO based content, only then will it be able to drive online traffic.SEO without content is like a coconut without water in it.

Coming to reality, SEO (Search engine optimization) has been able to successfully generate revenues for organizations, regardless of what vertical their business is into. You just have to go for it.

2. The ubiquity of video marketing: In today’s fast-paced digital world, there is one thing which is really proving to be a game-changer and that is ‘time.’ As the saying goes “timing is everything,” what’s even more daunting is that time waits for none.

Hence, if we do not value customer’s time, then we know what will happen. Video marketing can truly help customers get to know about your products and services in just a few minutes and that too in a crystal-clear manner. Businesses need to construct their message vividly and put it in a video format so that customers can easily understand the entire process.

3. Customers are online: Digital devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, iPad’s have made an entry into the majority of households. Businesses need to only put in place effective digital marketing techniques that build an online presence, and thus help them develop their brand steadily.

4. The grandeur of a website: The global demand for web designers and web developers is only increasing, and this clearly shows that businesses are not at all compromising when it comes to developing a professional website. Upon that responsive web design has taken the credibility of a website to an all-new level. A mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour.

5. The dominance of Social media: As of now, most of you might know that businesses are getting heavily benefitted by employing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram marketing tactics that are actually helping them generate leads and thus create value that is profitable and sustainable.

6. Blogs are ruling the online space: Blogs are a form of content creation that educates, provides information that is impactful and to the point. A great number of online readers credit blogs for their understanding of products and services and consider whether to buy a particular product or not.

Blogs not only help customers ease their buying decision but at the same time also acts as a true knowledge consortium, where readers can get access to specific information through which they can satisfy their thirst for knowledge and thus make themselves more knowledgeable in the process.

7. The evergreen Email marketing: Email marketing is still considered to be one of the most effective online marketing strategies. There is an abundance of proof that clearly states that businesses have been genuinely benefitted through email marketing platform time and again.

What needs to be considered though is a creative email template coupled with a customer-centric marketing message that informs and at the same time helps a customer to take action.

8. Build Global relationships: The key is how pragmatic and effective your online business strategies are when it comes to connecting customers who are located in different geographical locations.

Here is where you have to embrace and understand the significance of E.Q (Emotional Quotient) over I.Q (Intelligent Quotient). I.Q is really required but without E.Q relationships won’t last long, and that too when you’re trying to build customer relationships across the globe.

You have to put in determined efforts to understand the customer’s buying behavior and then craft your business message around it in a thoughtful manner.

9. Online advertising: Businesses can build their online presence by charting out an effective PPC (Pay-per-click) model. PPC Campaigns are making a phenomenal difference in the online ad world and thus generating income in the process. The Advertiser – publisher framework is used in here.

An advertiser is the one who wants to get his ads published in the publisher’s site. If any user visits the publisher’s site and clicks on the ad (the advertiser’s ad), then it is when the PPC model gets activated.

10. Content is the epitome of the online world: Last but not the least; it is ‘content’ which is the major driving force that is making the online marketing world work efficiently.

The reason why content writers and copywriters use their creative intelligence is because that is what helps the digital marketing platform to be productive and rewarding, thus making a significant mark in the online business framework.

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